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~Mike Tyson

Monday, October 16, 2017

Split D Boxing Launches The "Loaded Gloves Boxing Podcast"!

Listen now!
Split D Boxing is proud to announce the launch of it's boxing podcast titled "The Loaded Gloves Boxing Podcast". It's first episode aired on October 14th and featured Split D Boxing owner Scott Jarvis as host and Victor Atkinson as the show's co-host. No topic is taboo in the "no bullshit" zone and both Scott and Victor's passion for the sport carry the show seamlessly through its two hour run time. The show itself follows a traditional though flexible format as Scott and Victor preview and review fights, talk boxing news, and discuss the business and politics of the sport.

Scott Jarvis is the 44 year old host of The Loaded Gloves Boxing Podcast and has been a boxing aficionado for 32 years. A keen observer of the sport, Scott has a passion for boxing that few can match and this passion helps drive him in creating interesting and entertaining boxing content for the larger Split D Boxing network. Co-host Victor Atkinson on the other hand is a 24 year old astute fan of the sport who's sharp eye and opinionated voice can cut through the politics and the hype surrounding networks, fighters, fights, promoters, etc.

When asked why Split D Boxing launched a podcast before anything else Split D Boxing owner Scott Jarvis had this to say. "I want Split D Boxig to become a home not only for those who already have a passion for the sport but for those who might have just discovered it as well. Given that podcasts are so popular amongst boxing fans and so easy to find the format made the most sense."

The Loaded Gloves Boxing Podcast airs live every Sunday (time of day to be determined) and can not only be heard at Blog Talk Radio but across Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube as well.

Scott Jarvis is an independent boxing writer for Split D Boxing. He can be reached on Twitter, Facebook, or by email at splitdecisionbox@gmail.com. You can also support Split D Boxing on Patreon!


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