"Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face."
~Mike Tyson

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Please Support Split D Boxing On Patreon!

Yes, that time has come! In an effort to help grow the Split D Boxing network we are humbly asking our readers and followers to support our endeavors. With your support we will gain the ability to not only cover more fights live but we will be able to take our plans for podcasting and video production from blueprint to reality. Moreover, we have a number of lofty goals and additional plans for content in the works here at Split D Boxing but they are currently mired and stymied by financial barriers. With support from our audience, those that run Split D Boxing can dedicate more of their time to the network and place a heavier focus/emphasis on producing content and delivering unbiased agenda-free boxing content and coverage.

By supporting Split D Boxing through Patreon you are not only helping us in smashing through the aforementioned barriers but you are also entering yourself into drawings for giveaways and many other types of rewards/prizes. All levels of support are immensely appreciated and help. Thank you and enjoy the fights! Be sure to visit our Patreon page for all the details!

Scott Jarvis is a boxing writer for Split D Boxing. He can be reached on Twitter, Facebook, or by email at splitdecisionbox@gmail.com. You can also support Split D Boxing on Patreon!


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