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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Shawn Porter vs Andre Berto - Analysis, Breakdown, Keys To Victory

Winning Half The Time

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Andre Berto is a fighter that leaves everything he's got in the ring each time he fights. Shawn Porter is a high energy twitchy swarmer who isn't afraid to mix it up on the inside. Together these two fighters should make for an intriguing if not exciting fight. If there's any downside to their bout on April 22nd it is most assuredly both fighters recent history. The Haitian born Berto currently carries a record of 31-4-0 which isn't necessarily a bad record but when you consider that he's gone 4-4 in his last eight fights one must question what the man possibly has left. Shawn Porter is currently 26-2-1 which is respectable but he is 2-2 in his last 4, having lost to both Kell Brook and Keith Thurman. Despite his recent struggles Porter will enter the ring on fight night as the fresher fighter. It should be an exciting if not one sided bout.

Shawn Porter Keys To Victory

"Showtime" Shawn Porter
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In Andre Berto, the 29 year old Porter has in front of him a man that has been having trouble pulling the trigger in recent fight. Berto also has some big defensive liabilities. Porter will want to exploit this with his usual high workrate and frantic style. Porter can work hard on the inside digging at Berto's body which will put the brakes on anything Berto might have left in his tank. Berto however can punch and as such he remains dangerous. Porter will need to stay on the inside mauling in order to keep the offensive minded Berto from setting up his mid ranger power shots.

Andre Berto Keys To Victory

Andre "The Beast" Berto
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Andre Berto must first recognize that he is no longer the fighter he once was and then make some adjustments to his game if he wants to walk away with the victory on fight night. The last thing to go in an aging or battle fatigued fighter is his power and Berto will want to try and capitalize on just that. When Berto is on his game he throws crisp hard power shots that can hurt a man to both the body as well as the head. Against Porter though Berto will simply not get away with throwing haymakers nor swinging for the fences. He'll need to employ a good stiff jab if he wants to keep his lunging and swarming foe on the outside. If Berto can double his jab and keep the power up he might discourage Porter from coming in which in turn would allow him to set up some big shots. Andre Berto's plan should be to earn Porter's respect with his power and discourage him from coming in over the long haul.

How It Plays Out

Expect to see a swollen Berto again
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I expect the younger, fresher, and hungrier Porter to answer the opening bell with a great deal of activity. Porter's inaccuracy and lack of power probably means that Andre Berto doesn't have to worry about getting knocked out but Porter's volume of work is going to overwhelm and be more than the battle weary Berto is capable of handling at this point in his career. I wholly expect Porter to do what he does best and swarm Andre Berto while he pounds away scoring on the inside. I foresee Berto having a few moments here and there throughout the fight but because he's got so little left he'll only fight in spurts. Don't be surprised if Berto remains inactive for the entirety of several rounds. In his prime I think Berto would handle Porter and stop him late but the Andre Berto of 2017 doesn't have the stamina or drive he once had.

Winner: Shawn Porter by dominant unanimous decision

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