"Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face."
~Mike Tyson

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Adonis Stevenson - Does Anyone Care Anymore?

When Adonis Stevenson came out of nowhere and knocked out then reigning and consensus Light Heavyweight Champion Chad Dawson in the summer of 2013, most of us had to pick our jaws up off the floor. The manner in which he dispatched Dawson was sudden, violent, exciting, and left us wanting more. Many, including yours truly, saw a great deal of potential in the hard hitting Haitian born Canadian and most of us immediately turned our thoughts to fights against the 175 lbs division's best. Since he effectively ended Dawson's career as a top tier fighter however, Stevenson has done as little as possible and done it against very carefully selected opposition. Are they any boxing fans or members of the media that aren't disappointed in Adonis' post Dawson run? If such people exist what excuses can they possibly come up with that give credence to Stevenson's recent career moves? 

Adonis Stevenson ends Chad Dawson in round 1.

Parlaying Success Into Irrelevancy...

In the immediate aftermath of Stevenson's destruction of Dawson discussions regarding a fight with Kovalev began in earnest. HBO flexed it's muscle and working with Kovalev's promotional outfit, Main Events, the two convinced the WBC title holder and his handlers to verbally agree to a unification bout with the intimidating Russian later in the year. There was a real buzz about the fight at that time and it looked as though everyone would strike while the iron was hot, an ever increasing rarity in the sport. Not long after a verbal agreement had been reached however the floor fell out from underneath clamoring fans and from team Kovalev.

There had been rumors and whispers prior to it actually happening but it was at this time Adonis Stevenson signed with the impotent, inept, dubious, and infamous Al Haymon. The deal with Haymon essentially killed the Kovalev fight and ended any realistic hope of it ever happening. Instead of risking everything against Kovalev, Stevenson opted for the path of least resistance by becoming a part of Haymon's network of mostly mediocre fighters. He's fought just 7 times in 4 years and has been allowed to face very limited opposition in the following guys.
Not exactly a who's who of the light heavyweight division nor murderers row I know.

Now Stevenson is set to face Andrzej Fonfara in a rematch on June 3rd, 2017. Stevenson defeated Fonfara back in 2014 by unanimous decision but was dropped by Fonfara in that fight. This has to be what his promoter will use to try and sell this horrible fight. Is there really any other angle to this thing? It's not the worst fight that could have been made but it's a fight that serves no purpose and one that no one was asking for. Like so many before and after him in the PBC stable of fighters, Adonis Stevenson has squandered larger opportunities in exchange for easier and less work. Like another fighter I've recently written about, Stevenson is a boxer that embodies what is wrong in boxing today. Unlike that other fighter however Stevenson receives almost no accolades nor praise. Adonis Stevenson is one of the weakest title holders of recent memory as well. The sooner he's defeated or retires the better off both the fans and the sport will be.

Scott Jarvis is a boxing writer for Split Decision Boxing. He can be reached on Twitter or by email at splitdecisionbox@gmail.com.


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