"Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face."
~Mike Tyson

Friday, March 31, 2017

Marco Huck vs Mairis Briedis - Prediction And Breakdown

Photo: boxingscene.com
On Saturday April 1st, 2016 Cruiserweights Marco Huck and Mairis Briedis will square off in what could be described as a passing of the torch fight. While Huck is the respected veteran in this fight, Briedis is the young up and comer. Huck whom boasts a ( 43-3-1 27 KO's) record will likely have his hands full come fight night as Briedis is the younger, stronger, and heavier hitting fighter. Briedis (21-0-0 18 KO's) also has youth on his side which could further complicate matters for the seemingly battle weary Huck. While Briedis will have the edge in terms of power and youth, he doesn't have Huck's experience which is something that could show us holes in the younger fighters game. The aging veteran will need to exploit his opponents lack of experience often and effectively if he is to have any hope of winning this bout.

Real Power Or Careful Matchmaking?

There are many common tales in boxing. One of the most prevalent is that of the up and coming prospect/contender whom possesses devastating punching power. Morosely the majority of these fighters either turn out to be average punchers at best or heavy handed crude sluggers who impress early simply because they were carefully matched and allowed to feast on sub par competition. Occasionally one or two prove themselves to be "as advertised" and that's the one aspect of this fight that intrigues this scribe more than any other. Is Briedis that rarity? Is he the puncher we've been lead to believe he is and is his punch the only tool in his proverbial toolbox? If there is anyone in the 200 lbs division that can help us answer those questions it's most certainly Marco Huck.

What's Left In The Tank?

Marco Huck has done very well for himself and has earned a reputation as a tough as nails fighter. Family Guy's Stewie Griffin once remarked, "if you're going to hit the king, you better kill the king". His words aptly describe Huck's in ring attitude and fighting style. He may not be a legendary fighter but he's going to be a tough out for anyone. Being the type of fighter he is however means that he's been in more than a few wars; the kind of wars that permanently take something from even the best of boxers. Huck's past wars raise two very large questions in this fight. Exactly how much does he have left in his tank and is the remaining amount enough to overcome the younger, fresher, and (presumably) heavier handed Briedis?


Expect Marco Huck to control the early rounds of this fight. The early rounds should show us whether or not Briedis can make adjustments and whether he has more than one gear. As the fight wears on however expect the hard shots that Briedis lands early in the fight to begin taking their toll on Huck who will slow down late in the fight. After dropping Huck once in the 8th round, Briedis KO's the tenacious Huck and sends him into retirement via one of his lethal right hooks in the 9th..

Scott Jarvis is a boxing writer for Split Decision Boxing. He can be reached on Twitter or by email at splitdecisionbox@gmail.com.